Eva Schloss, Children and Teachers from Hasmonean School Visited the World Peace Garden

Fifteen bright schoolboys from Hasmonean School arrived at the World Peace Garden Hampstead Heath with teachers in tow on a wet Friday morning last, to be greeted by David Weldon their gardening expert and team leader who divided the boys into teams of three and guided them into clearing the weeds and brambles into pathways. The boys made light work of the rough sloping terrain of the Peace Garden getting stuck into their work with spirit and vigour.

We are most grateful for David Weldon’s generosity and time, guiding the Hasmonean boys

Special thanks to the JCC team for arranging the volunteering date with Hasmonean Schoolchildren who were a delight and inspiration.

The boundless energy of the extraordinary artist Cindy Lass whose on-going project is “Everyone has a right to Blossom” transformed the day into a special event. Cindy presented and planted a blossom tree in the World Peace Garden Camden and arranged and introduced the great Eva Schloss.

Special thanks to Eva Schloss who spoke of her time in Austria and Auschwitz having survived the holocaust. Both shocking and moving Evas’ graphic descriptions of her epic experience will remain with all who listened.

It was wonderful having Hasmonean schoolboys and teachers in the The World Peace Garden Camden, volunteering their time and energy, creating a special place in our hearts where a good seed is planted and never forgotten.
Thank you all very much.

From left to right: Eva Schloss, David Weldon, two teachers from Hasmonean School and Cindy Lass questioning Eva Schloss.

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